LALE ISTANBUL is a website which introduces Turkish fashion and home lifestyle items. We introduce high-quality, high-sensitivity and useful items for your daily life with the theme of “MIXTURE BEAUTY of EAST and WEST”.

LALE means Tulip in Turkish and it is known as the symbol of country. Tulip motif can be seen in various items such traditional fabrics and ceramics products.

ISTANBUL is an ancient capital of Turkey with the alias of Constantinopolis and prospered for a long time as an international city (Cosmopolitan City) that combines East and West culture.

ISTANBUL, the ancient capital of Turkey, the origin of high-quality textile products as the western end point of the Silk Road, has a long history as the information dissemination site of fashion, art and culture like modern New York, Paris and Tokyo. It is a treasure trove of lifestyle merchandise material full of both quantity.